Time2Send - ew_time2send
Time2Send - ew_time2send Time2Send - ew_time2send Time2Send - ew_time2send

Time2Send - ew_time2send

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Plugin: 139,00 €
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You can find your License Key in the file lic/license.txt (after key:). The key consists of 32 characters.

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View your store customers as to when an order needs to be completed for the goods will be shipped the same day, thus increasing the attractiveness of your store. This plugin lets your store customers with an animated representation of the residual time until a desired product is actually shipped. The display might look like this:

In order XX X XX hours minutes seconds dispatch today. *

Large online shops offer customers a long time with great success this valuable information. For speed and safety planning is a major advantage, as well as more rapid turnover in the online business.

You get full control over the display, because you can decide whether the display is to be displayed, for example, the head of the shop, on the category pages and / or products. Through a selection system in the backend of your store, you can decide whether to display all categories (including all products contained therein), or displayed for certain categories or only certain articles (or hidden) to be.

• Multilanguage
• Multi-client capability (can be activated for each client)
• Blacklist / Whitelist
• Display / exclusion of items or categories
• View shipping countdown at several points of possible Shops
• define exceptions and alternatives (eg, holidays)
• output and displayed texts user definable (CSS & language variables in the shop)
• Comprehensive installation instructions
• Graphics contain
Hersteller: 8works
Brigittastraße 9, 45130 Essen
Telefon: 0201 2988588, Fax: 0201 2988586
[email protected], http://www.8works.de

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