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Configurator & Bundles — SELECTY Configurator & Bundles — SELECTY Configurator & Bundles — SELECTY

Configurator & Bundles — SELECTY

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Allow your customers to efficiently configure and buy products.

Simply and intuitively configure the ordering process for products with complex configurable properties.

The Selecty Product Configurator is a flexible tool that allows you to offer customers individual products or products with constituent parts and configurations.
With this plugin you can set up a configuration process with branching configuration options to offer your customers exactly what you want.

Brief overview:
• Modern, visual management interface
• Graphical overview of the configuration
• Selectable options consist of images, colors or text.
• Change the total price (+/-) depending on the price of the selected choices
• Flexible adaption and expansion of existing configurations
• As many combinations of choices and configuration steps for each product as you want
• Configurations can be as detailed as you wish
• Branching configurations: as many possible configuration paths per product as you like
• Combine complex, branching configuration paths in order to apply certain options to all paths. Works even for highly individualized configuration paths.

Test the configurator demo:

Using the Selecty Product Configurator with its management interface

Your starting point, and the basis for the Configurator, is a normal product in your shop. This product has all the usual attributes like price, name, description, images, availability, shipping time, etc.
After the product has been set as a basis, you can then build upon it by generating a Selecty Product Configurator. You can still adapt or change the basis-product as you like after this step.
You can now create as many rules and options for the product in the graphical management interface for the Selecty Product Configurator as you wish.
Step 1: Create a normal product with normal attributes like price, name, description, etc.
Step 2: Create a new configuration based on the above product or load an existing configuration and adapt it as desired.
Step 3: Now you will see a graphical representation of your product configuration (branching tree-like view) . With the help of intuitive buttons you can now apply the necessary options and rules to configure the product.
Step 4: Create as many configuration steps and rules as you want to optimize the configuration process for your customer.

The Selecty Product Configurator in the front end:

Your customers will be guided step-by-step through the product configuration process you designed for them.
You can change configuration options anytime and dynamically change the configuration path accordingly. The resulting flexibility offers maximum usability, allowing for greater ease of use for your customer.
Interested customers can buy your product in exactly the variants you define. This makes time-consuming searching in the shop or contacting the shop operator unnecessary!
Offer your customers the ability to shop quickly and precisely by streamlining the ordering process for complex products. Ordering becomes intuitive and simple!

Demo: experience the plugin first-hand
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